This is CS50x.


You are welcome to take CS50x at your own pace, so long as you submit nine problem sets and submit a final project no later than 31 December 2014.

To help keep you on track, allow us to propose a schedule of deadlines for you, if only for a bit of psychological pressure, but you do not have to submit by these dates. In fact, these proposed deadlines will be extended automatically as time passes. The only hard deadline is 31 December 2014, by which you must submit nine problem sets and a final project.

Problem Set 0 try to submit by 17 December 2016
Problem Set 1 try to submit by 7 October 2016
Problem Set 2 try to submit by 27 July 2016
Problem Set 3 try to submit by 16 May 2016
Problem Set 4 try to submit by 6 March 2016
Problem Set 5 try to submit by 25 December 2015
Problem Set 6 try to submit by 14 October 2015
Problem Set 7 try to submit by 4 August 2015
Problem Set 8 try to submit by 24 May 2015
Final Project submit by 31 December 2014